Joh Lowmax

Headshot - Joh Lowmax
Joh Lowmax was born in Lüneburg, Germany in 1982, a beautiful small town with no more than 72,000 residents. He grew up listening to classical music and as a teen took piano and guitar lessons. Lowmax fell in love with music early on in life, however he was also just as passionate about tennis and soccer until a severe knee injury changed his life. The injury he suffered at the age of 19 became the turning point that ultimately led to Lowmax’s decision to actively pursue music as a career. He eventually opened up his own studio and focused on writing, singing and producing. In 2004, he founded and became the lead signer of the collaborative band “The Mainstream!” and then later helped to release the band’s groundbreaking album “X” (2007). Lowmax currently lives in Lower Saxony, Europe and is now the driving force behind the movement known as “Quest ONE.”